EF Indonesia school locations

Required documents

In order to process your visa and permits, EF Indonesia will require the following documents to be submitted to us. All documents will need to be scanned and sent to our HR team. You will also need to bring the original documents with you.


1. A copy of all pages of your passport (including blank pages).
2. A copy of university diploma.
3. A copy of academic transcript.
4. A scan of a passport sized photograph.
(4cms x 6cms, with red background if available) of yourself wearing a shirt with a collar, from the chest up. If red background is not available, please use white background but make sure your shirt’s colour contrasts the background, because we will digitally alter the background later.
5. A copy of your CV.
6. A statement of good health (physical check up, HIV blood test and drugs test) issued by your local physician/hospital. This is required by the Indonesian government for all foreign workers’ permits.
7. A copy of your TEFL / CELTA / TESOL certificate, if you have one.

Please note all appointments are subject to approval and issuance of KITAS by Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Education.




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