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Getting started at EF Indonesia

Before departure

After being accepted for a position at EF Indonesia, you will need to prepare all the required documentation for completing the visa paperwork and also the required criminal background checks. A medical check up is also required by the Indonesian government. It is very important that your passport has at least six completely blank pages and is valid for six months after the end date of your contract. Visa are sometimes arranged in the Indonesian embassy in your home country or you may fly via Singapore and arrange the visa with our agent in Singapore. All visa costs incurred are paid for by EF Indonesia. In situations where you have to pay for any visa costs before arriving in Indonesia, EF will reimburse your costs upon arrival.


Week 1 – 2 Orientation training and start of EF Indonesia TEFL course

Your orientation weeks will include a review of the EF Indonesia contract, applicable policies and useful information regarding working at EF Indonesia. This is usually done on the first day of orientation. For the remaining days, in the morning session you will get an overview of the course, including the curriculum, assessments, resources and guidelines. In the afternoon you will observe some classes and towards the end of the week, you will teach one or two classes.


Weeks 3 – 12 Teacher training period

During your first three months at EF Indonesia, you will be given further training and support. This will include both formal training and also informal training with your fellow teachers, covering a wide range of topics as well as young learners. Towards the end of the three month teacher training period you will be observed by the Director of Studies or Head teacher. Should the observation be satisfactory and you have displayed a solid understanding of the school and course procedures, then you will pass the probation period. We do not expect you to know everything there is to know about teaching in 3 months, especially if this is your first teaching job. What is expected of you is a solid lesson plan with clear goals, clear presentation skills, effective classroom management including instructions and setting up of activities, as well as an appropriate level of monitoring and feedback. Upon successfully completing the teacher training period, you will receive the inbound flight reimbursement and you will be able to take personal holidays. You certificate will be given to you at the end of your contract.



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