EF Indonesia TEFL course

What TEFL course should I take?

There are hundreds of TEFL course providers, options and locations to study, which means choosing a TEFL course can be quite confusing for a first time ESL teacher. Studying for a TEFL qualification is quite intensive, especially if you study full time at a language school and not online. If you choose to study full time at a language school, it is strongly suggested that you do not work or have other study commitments during the TEFL course. For online courses you can work through the content at your own pace.


Things to look out for when choosing a TEFL course.

  • The course should involve around 100 hours of tuition.
  • The course must include at least 6 hours of observed teaching.
  • At least level 5 on the National Qualification Framework.
  • The course should cover teaching methodologies, skills (reading, writing, listening & speaking), lesson planning, learner needs analysis and classroom management as a bare minimum.
  • If the course is taught online, make sure you can ask questions or that you have a set amount of time for tutorials with the instructors.
  • Ideally look for a course that offers observed classroom teaching and feedback on your teaching. This is sometimes offered as an add on to online courses.
  • Make sure the course offers a certificate (often required by immigration departments when applying for visas) and that the instructor will be happy to provide a report or answer reference requests.



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