EF Indonesia cost of living

Cost of living in Indonesia

The cost of living in Indonesian is substantially cheaper than developed countries and a lot of countries around Asia. Eating out, food, transport and hotels are exceedingly good value and well within the budget of our teaching staff.


Prices below are a guideline average in UK Pound Sterling GBP.


Eating out

Rice or noodle dish at street stall  £0.40

Meal at simple restaurant  £1.50

Meal at western restaurant with a bottle of beer  £5-10

Buffet meal at a 5 star hotel  £13-15

Fast food restaurant combo meal £1.80

Pizza delivery £2

Coffee in cafe £1.50

A large bottle of beer (660ml) in a cafe or restaurant £2-4


Common supermarket items

A loaf of bread £0.60

Packet of cheese £2.50

Packet of pasta £0.75

Jar of pasta sauce £1-2

Chicken breast £0.75

Instant noodles £0.05-0.10

Rice (1kg) £0.50

Eggs (12) £0.80

Apples (1kg) £1

Oranges (1kg) £1

Tomatoes (1kg) £0.65

Potatoes (1kg) £0.60



Other items

Internet connection (shared amount of bill) £7-10

Gym and pool membership (1 month) £15

Swimming pool (1 day) £2-3

Cinema £2.50

Short taxi trip (20 minutes) £1.50

Long taxi trip (45 minutes) £4

Motorbike rental (1 month) £25

Petrol (1 litre) £0.44

Massage (1 hour) £3-5

Budget hotel (AC/Hot water) £5-10

Hotel (3-4 stars) £15-25

Hotel (5 stars) £40-70+


For a teacher staying in subsidised EF housing this is an example of basic expenditure. Remember if you stay in EF housing, all bills except cable TV, Internet and local phone bill are included in the rental fee. The maid, clothes washing and all cleaning products are also supplied and paid for by EF. Read our EF accomodation page for more details.

(This is an example, actually expenditure will vary based on an individual’s spending.)

Breakfast (Coffee, eggs/cereal/fruit) £4 per week

Lunch (Eating out/take away local food) £6 per week

Dinner (Eating out/take away local food) £6 per week

Snacks and sweet things £5 per week

Transport (taxi to work) £16 per week

Toiletries £7 per month

Internet and cable TV (shared house portion) £13 per month

Mobile and telephone bill £4 per month

Basic food and essentials approximately 30% of monthly salary.

If you rent and drive a motorbike the estimated amount would be £145.93 per month. Approximately 25% of monthly salary.


Prices fluctuate as does the Rupiah to British Pound exchange rate. There are many website that offer cost of living analysis. Please search for cost of living guides on the Internet for the most up-to-date values.



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