EF Indonesia Teacher Career Paths

Career paths at EF

At EF we like EF people, so most of our promotions are internal and there are a great number of opportunities both with in the EF East Java, Bali and Lombok group as well as worldwide for EF. Career promotion paths include: Instructor, Young Learner Coordinator, Exam Coordinator, Senior Teacher, Head Teacher, Director of Studies and Centre Director.


EF Job Role Outlines

Instructor – Helps with training, workshops and assisting new EF teachers.

Young Learner Coordinator – Young learner specialist in charge of developing young learner programs, training EF teachers as well as liaising with parents and schools.

Exam Coordinator – Responsible for developing TOEFL®, IELTS™ and University of Cambridge ESOL exams programs. This role will focus on promoting the exams and courses to new students, institutions and universities as well as training EF teachers on how to teach these preparation courses.

Lifeclub Coordinator – In charge of EF’s exclusive Lifeclub program. Responsible for developing activities, materials and promoting Lifeclubs. A Lifeclub is an activity or event usually held outside of the classroom where students can build their confidence and practise speaking English in a more natural environment. Activities have included: cake decoration, movie nights, visits to local restaurants, making chocolate, safari trip and many more.

Senior Teacher – Assists the Director of Studies with the day-to-day academic running of the school. Will also be involved with school projects and resource development.

Head Teacher – In charge of a smaller school and reports directly to the Director of Studies in charge of the school. Responsible for academic operations, scheduling and academic quality.

Director of Studies (DOS) – Overall in charge of the academic side of the school. This position includes managing teaching staff, student performance, handling complaints and ensuring academic quality.

Centre Director  – In charge of school operations and business. The Centre Director will manage operational staff, sales and marketing, financial reporting and customer care.



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