EF Indonesia Teacher Development

Observations and evaluating your work

During the course of your contract, you will usually be formally observed by the Director of Studies or Head teacher three times. The first observation is done during your probation period and is a factor in deciding whether you pass the probation period. It is also used to see what training needs you have and how we can help to make you a better teacher. The second and third observations are used to see how you are progressing as a teacher. You will also receive regular feedback regarding your performance at EF not just regarding teaching, but also connected to customer satisfaction, your attitude in the teachers’ room and overall helpfulness. There are also informal observations, these could be by your peers or trainee teachers. Peer observations are a great way to learn new techniques and ideas and we strongly recommend you do this, especially if you are new to teaching.


As a part of your training, some of the assessments you mark will also be marked by a senior member of the academic team to ensure that you are following the EF standard for appraising students’ work. This will also include the observation of spoken assessments.


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