EF Indonesia Working Hours

Working hours

Teachers work on five consecutive days each week, which will be either Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday. A teacher will teach from Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday according to the requirements of the school schedule, which may vary during the contract period. The total working week is 40 hours including preparation time and contact time in the classroom, as well as other occasional duties such as attending teachers’ meetings and workshops. The maximum contact time in the classroom is 24 hours per week, equivalent to a maximum load of eighteen lessons of eighty minutes each. Overtime is paid for any lessons taught in excess of this amount, and any overtime classes are voluntary.


The vast majority of our classes on Mondays to Fridays are scheduled in the afternoons and evenings, though teachers must make themselves available for morning classes on those days if required. Saturday classes are scheduled in the morning and afternoon, finishing around 17:00. During the week classes usually start at 15:00, although some young leaner classes start earlier at 13:45. The last class finishes at 21:00 and the school closes shortly afterwards.


Teachers with fewer than 24 contact hours per week may be assigned substitution duty, and may also be scheduled to do interviews for the placement of new students. In addition to the above hours, during the one-year contract period, teachers will be asked to work on a maximum of eight days in total on their day off. Generally this will involve doing non-teaching duties such as placement interviews for new students, school events, judging competitions or school promotional events.



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