My EF story: Christine

Being an English teacher at English First in Jember, Java has been an exciting experience. There have been many adventures and growing experiences through this year of teaching.

I would like to share with you some of the highlights of my experiences here in Jember as a teacher.

The staff at EF Jember have been very welcoming to me. On arrive into Jember, EF cared to me as if I were part of a new family. Any question, help, or advice I needed was addressed and cared to with comfort. All the staff and teachers on arrival supported me to understand the flow and expectations for the classes that I would be teaching. The material that was provided for me to teach opened up a whole new world of understandings with a fun and interesting way of teaching students a language.

The students at EF have been warm, funny, respectful, and creative. The students here have had many questions for me related to where I came from and what it is like there. There is so much that the students and I have learned together here related to language and cultural differences. It has also been interesting to teach all ages language. It keeps your day fresh and exciting.During my experience here at EF, I have taught children as young as five years old to adults.

Outside of EF, was just as fresh of an experience for me as teaching. When I arrived in Indonesia I could not speak Indonesian.Being that a large majority of the population in Jember doesn’t speak English, I was given the opportunity to learn a new language.The community in Jember has been very friendly. Many went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcomed me with warm smiles. Being that Jember is a city, there are many different avenues of interests to explore here from: music, dance, language, and cultural arts. There are also some beautiful beaches that you can visit on your free time. I have made many friends here in Jember that I know I will continue to communicate with and learn more. Jember is a wonderful place to explore and I would recommend the experience of teaching at EF to anyone interested in learning new and exciting ways of teaching English to all ages.






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