My EF story: Christine Troyano

I chose to live in Indonesia because I loved the idea of living in a tropical climate.  I have spent many years living with cold winters and snow.  I was ready for some year-round sunshine and warm weather. I have lived in Sidoarjo since July, 2014 when I began working for English First as an ESL teacher.  I have enjoyed working with a professional organization that supports it’s staff as well as treats us with respect.  I enjoy working along side so many local teachers as well as a handful of fellow Native speaking ESL teachers as myself.  Most of my students are also very respectful and well ef-teacher-christine01behaved as well as being able to speak English quite well at such a young age.  I also enjoy the positive working environment at the Sidoarjo EF.
The city of Sidoarjo is a conservative, predominately Muslim city.  The school is located in the heart of the city, so there are a couple options for shopping malls and chain grocery stores within walking distance of the school.  The local residents are always friendly and eager to say hi to the foreigners.  As I am vegetarian, one of my favorite foods is Gado-Gado and Pecel.  On the weekends I enjoy traveling around Indonesia where I can learn more about local culture and history of where I currently call home.  One of my favorite places I have been so far is Papuma Beach.  The seascape is beautiful and peaceful.  But one of the places I am looking forward to going to most right now is Bali.  I have some friends that live there and I am quite excited to be able to go there over the upcoming holiday.  Everyday is a new day to create new memories.
As far as the recruitment process, it was a quite say and painless journey.  It helps that the EF has its own recruitment department so there was no need to rely on an outside recruiting agency.  Everyone that assisted me in arriving here from the US was very helpful and professional.

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